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By popular demand

A Supplementary Glossary of Linguistic Terminology

U Bal Shada Zwel et alii
University of Alberta et alibi

Apfrication                 Anaphostre
Assililation                 Anapityxis
Dissimulation             Apocop
Dedasalization            Apopheny
Deladialization            Dittolology
Glo'alization               Ecthlips
Haspiration                Epithesisk
Nanalization               Hypercoristikins
Palatialization             Hyserthepis
Tefocalization             Paragogyn
Trieiphthuoungization   Pheresis
Vogalization               Polnogolosie
Wabiawization            Samprsarana
Fall Sandhi                 Ellpsis
  to   ti
In       on
Pleonastic Perissological Tautology
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